¡LLegamos en Mexico!

26 May
Hey you guys!
             We made it to mexico easily and it is beautiful and amazing. I am sitting next to an elementary school in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas. The air is full of screaming yelling playing kids haha. We have been eating wonderful food, watching the amazing city which is full of colors and full of life and art and all kinds of people, indigenous, mexicanos, kids, elders, people in their 20s, some tourists. People are friendly, and there is a really diverse atmosphere here.

I already feel like i could just live here.
Last night we met this guy who does tours in the surrounding areas of forest and villiages. There is a building which has a yoga studio, a language school, a natural products shop, and a alternative movie theatre and restaurant and thats where we met the guy. its right by Otros Mundos too (they are the people we will be working with). I can tell this is going to be an amazing trip.
When we found the restaurant it was like being back in Arcata! Dreadlocks and firedancing and yoga people and samba on the streets lol. There was also an amazing jazz quintet of people my age with a mandolin congas guitar bass and drums. 
There are a lot of cool indigenous rights organizations here. We went to this building and i swear it was the same one from the video we watched on the zapatista uprising in the early 90s. Only this time no bullet holes or zapatista warriors, just estudiantes. Turns out it is one of many centers for indigenous rights and equality. There are also many movie theatres with screenings of various zapatista films. Will find out much more about this in the following months. Lots of mayan people in the streets selling fresh fruit, handmade crafts and clothing. Its interesting to suddenly have so much priviledge. I hope to help people by building rain water catchement and stoves, more so than by buying jewelry. Its hard to say no to a little girl who is begging you to buy a bracelet, but thats not what i am here to do! I did get a really cool bracelet though. But I cant get one every day… (i will buy a whole bunch for my family and friends when its time to leave- i swear!!)
 My spanish is coming back slowly but surely… I can understand much of what people say but my grammar needs improvement. Carrie is learning very fast, she is currently laid out in bed with the Montezumas revenge. People say it happens to almost everyone.. i went to the Pharmacia and asked ´¿tiene peptobismol, para la estomacha?´ and the man had a knowing smile haha.
Anyway, i am going to get some food, check on carrie, and see if we can meet up with Otros Mundos to give them some school books and some electric motors for bicycle power that we lugged here in our packs from CA, and then meet up with this guy Jose Luis from couchsurfing so we dont have to pay for a hotel anymore.
Peace and love!!

2 Responses to “¡LLegamos en Mexico!”

  1. Elena May 26, 2010 at 6:56 pm #

    I’m glad to hear that you’re having a good time! Isn’t it great to be off on an adventure, open to what emerges from the void? Each day is new, each moment is new (have you been reading Karmic Astrology?) and I’m sure that you are embracing all the beautiful novelty that blows towards you and flows with you, if you let it.

    I’m off on my own adventure, going further North than ever before. Though I am further away from the equator, I am approaching my own equator. I think you know what I mean so I will stop with that train of words before I kill what is by recognizing it.

    Have you ever ventured through Bowser’s castles in Super Mario World? The only way to get by those creepy ghosts is to look them straight in the eyes. They don’t move unless you look away, and they don’t chase you unless you run. It’s pretty easy to kill Bowser once you get there…just jump on him a few times. Mario has excellent jumping abilities, and Bowser is slow and awkward. Plus, he just can’t handle the shame of being jumped on by a little Italian dude who gets most of his fuel from mushrooms, flowers, and stars.

    Did the chickens have a smooth transition? Has Queen Latifah opened her heart a bit more? You are among the few beings in the universe who have a clue what I mean by that.

    I love you Zack (and Carrie!) and I’m happy for you that you are loving your journeys too.

  2. Sparah May 29, 2010 at 1:05 am #

    Couch surfing is the way to go!

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