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19 Jul

Sitting in an internet café by my house, wondering about when i am actually going to do my homework. And also wondering what comes next.. a home?
Portland? Arcata? Arizona? Motorcycle?
The desert calls my name. Something about the sweeping windswept expanse, the realness of it.. . the heat

Carrie has the idea of ecovilliages and woofing up to the border.. or down to central America.. or who knows. Moving to another place, another time. Who wants to pay me to be me?
I can write, create, play music, design, engineer, know physics chemistry, and other things I guess.
I just want to follow my heart wherever it takes me, time to write a cosmic resume, take some inventory on 24 years on planet green and blue…………… look to the future with some kind of optimism and vision, with realism and possibility.
Well. The spreadsheet calls my name. Those numbers don’t multiply divide and coherently solve engineering problems themselves…

See you on the other side of the Internet,


trip viaje

5 Jul

I wrote this for my spanish teacher as part of an assignement… since im not a spanish major i got to write in en ingles.

This was about 3 weeks back. Many cool things have happened since, I will be sure to document some of it soon…

When we got in the van I was excited to head out, the car ride was not too
long for me. Agua Azul was a beautiful and natural place, yet the water
offered only a taste of a jungla that I longed to run around in. Zombie
childeren asking me for pesos made me feel a little uncomfortable and the
place seemed a little bit too touristy for me to really get into. Still, the
natural beauty of the place was overwhelming.

The Selva was so raw with the energy of life, I wanted to stay there for
weeks. The bugs, the heat, the rythm of the birds and insects and the
density of life has a hypnotic effect on me. It feels so real, so manifest,
so vibrant. It had me thinking I will definitely return to a Selva
environment soon. Swimming through the river and running through the jungla
I felt so intensely alive.

When we arrived at Bomampak, I remember feeling overwhelemed by the gravity
of the place. The energy I felt looking at the frescos and walking on the
temple was familiar as it was foriegn, common as it was mystical. I am still
not sure to make of the mystery of the Maya. The sterile archeological signs
seemed to belie the true magnetism of the place, the dry descriptions of
dates and names seemed to give a sense of western colonial logical mindset
to an otherwise little understood and profound society. Stepping into the
pyramids was like visiting an alternate reality in which history had taken a
drastically altered course. I still have no idea of what to make of it. I
would, however be very interested in exploring more sites.

Yax Chilan was too hot and too much walking for me to really feel into the
place. Still, we had managed to find an underground labyrinth that spanned
between temples. Bats hung chirping from the cieling and strange spiders the
size of my hand lurked on the walls. We had no idea where we would end up,
and by the time the surfaced we were in a different building. What these
structures were for is a mystery to me.
Palenque was absoulutely beautiful, as I´m sure everyone knows… the place
felt so cool to be in. Grand, strange, beautiful. We wandered off the trail
accidentally and ended up in a structure that was being excavated. It seemed
to be a dwelling of sorts. At this point the social atmosphere has taken a
turn for the worse- complaining, and worse, complaining about complainers
had taken root in the group dialectic as those with less fortitude or
tolerante for discomfort and diffuculty broadcast their opinions constantly.
Still, this was not sufficient to detract from the splendor of Palanque.

The hotel needs an honorable mention solely for the near death experience we
all shared in the pool. As the storm loomed and the sky filled with rain and
lightening the pool felt like the ultimate paradise. It soon became apparent
however that the storm was for real as a deafening bolt of lightning split
the sky, scaring todos out of our skins and then the pool.

All in all I was pleased with the amount of cool sites we were able to fit
into three days and feel inspired to see more of the selva and mayan sites.