19 Jul

Sitting in an internet café by my house, wondering about when i am actually going to do my homework. And also wondering what comes next.. a home?
Portland? Arcata? Arizona? Motorcycle?
The desert calls my name. Something about the sweeping windswept expanse, the realness of it.. . the heat

Carrie has the idea of ecovilliages and woofing up to the border.. or down to central America.. or who knows. Moving to another place, another time. Who wants to pay me to be me?
I can write, create, play music, design, engineer, know physics chemistry, and other things I guess.
I just want to follow my heart wherever it takes me, time to write a cosmic resume, take some inventory on 24 years on planet green and blue…………… look to the future with some kind of optimism and vision, with realism and possibility.
Well. The spreadsheet calls my name. Those numbers don’t multiply divide and coherently solve engineering problems themselves…

See you on the other side of the Internet,


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